Bellevue Montessori School

“We have so appreciated the long-term commitment of [our team].”- Kathryn, Office Manager

Bellevue Montessori School opened fifty years ago with the aim of providing academically rich programs to students in the Bellevue area, Washington. Today the school has two campuses with over 200 students, and they have been recognized for their excellence in education with an AMS accreditation.


Find a Provider to Fit the ScheduleIt was important to Bellevue Montessori School that they find the right service provider to fit their schedule and meet their requirements. They needed a team that would be able to perform their services according to a varying schedule of events, and work with them to find the right program to suit the school’s needs. They also weren’t happy with the quality of the clean in the children’s bathrooms from their previous service provider, and wanted to find a way to address this.


Finding the Perfect MatchOnce Bellevue Montessori started working with OpenWorks, it quickly became clear that we were the right match for them. They particularly found that the issues they’d had with their previous service provider were eliminated – they mentioned that the children’s bathrooms were now kept clean with no unpleasant odors! They were also thrilled that OpenWorks could work alongside their schedule of evening events throughout the school year.


True Value for the Whole TeamBellevue Montessori appreciates the quick response from OpenWorks in the event that there are ever any issues. They also value the team that they have in place, and said that they appreciate the long-term commitment of the couple who have cleaned their buildings for years. Bellevue Montessori would gladly recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or a friend.

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