Bunzl Distribution

“We value most having a clean building without needing to point out where it is dirty”.- Heather,Bunzl Distribution

Bunzl Distribution offers distribution services to the supermarket, food processor, retailer and convenience store markets, as well as other distributors. They own and operate more than 100 warehouses in the USA, servicing customers across the states and beyond.


The Right FitBunzl Distribution were looking for a service provider that fit their budget, but that didn’t scrimp on the service.


A Partnership with OpenWorksAfter teaming up with OpenWorks, Bunzl Distribution couldn’t believe how hard our team worked. They mentioned a specific occurrence when their OpenWorks service provider arrived on a Saturday morning at 8:30 AM to carry out some deep cleaning for the company. He stayed until 10:30 PM to strip and wax the office, warehouse kitchen and restroom. He also steam-cleaned and scrubbed all the walls in the warehouse restroom, and even cleaned the refrigerator!


Impeccable ResultsBunzl were thrilled with OpenWorks' commitment to the task at hand, and how dedicated he was to ensuring that their facility was left in nothing but tip top condition. As a result, Bunzl were happy to award OpenWorks' Franchisee an additional fee for quarterly deep-cleaning services! Bunzl felt that OpenWorks really went above and beyond for them, and were very happy with both him and OpenWorks.

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