Coldwell Banker

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November 10, 2017
Customer Success Stories
“[I value] coming in on Monday mornings knowing they have cleaned the office”.- DebbieOffice Administrator

Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest residential real estate franchise systems in North America, and has changed the way people have bought and sold homes since its inception. Today, the Coldwell Banker network is still continuously recognized for its innovation and leadership across the world.


Finding a Consistent Service ProviderColdwell Banker wanted to find a service provider that they knew would be consistent. They didn’t want to have to worry about showing up at their facility and being disappointed with the results. For them, being able to trust in their service provider to get the job done was hugely important.


Calling OpenWorksAfter partnering up with OpenWorks, Coldwell Banker found their team to be very consistent in their level of service, something that they greatly appreciated. They relayed that they consider this high level of consistency to be one of OpenWorks’ key strengths.


Peace of MindFor Coldwell Banker, knowing that their employees can arrive at the office on a Monday morning safe in the knowledge that their facility has been cleaned is incredibly valuable. Just knowing that their facility is in good hands and is being taken care of goes a very long way. Coldwell Banker also mentioned that they were grateful to their OpenWorks team for always taking care of any items that they requested be seen to, whether in person or via a note that they had left. As a result, they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or a friend.

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