Emanuel Gottlieb, DDS APDC

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March 16, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“OpenWorks is responsive to our maintenance requests.”- Roxanne,Office Manager

Dr. Emanuel Gottlieb runs a dental practice in Southern California. Keeping himself informed of the latest advances in the field, he and his team use the newest dental innovations at his practice to better serve their community.


Find a Responsive Service ProviderThe team at Emmanuel Gottlieb’s practice wanted to find a service provider that was responsive and reliable. Given the importance of keeping a facility of their type clean, hygienic, and safe for patients, it was crucial that they found the right team to meet their needs.


Teaming Up with OpenWorks Emmanuel Gottlieb found that their previous service provider wasn’t responsive, particularly when it came to their maintenance requests. They found that this wasn’t an issue with OpenWorks, and they also appreciate the fact that we always check in every month with an email or a phone call.


A Personalized ServiceEmmanuel Gottlieb said that they find their OpenWorks team to be dependable and consistent. They also said that they feel their OpenWorks District Manager is an excellent coordinator, and responds quickly to phone calls and messages to ensure that service is performed flawlessly, or confirm any changes that need to be made. They added that they feel their service from OpenWorks is personalized, detail-orientated and office specific. Emmanuel Gottlieb wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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