Eyas Global Montessori

“If there ever is a problem, OpenWorks addresses the issue and resolution is quick.”.- Karina,Director

Eyas Global Montessori School provides preschool and kindergarten programs for children up to the age of 6. They are based in the Lake Hills Neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington.


Find a Communicative Service ProviderEyas Global Montessori was looking for a communicative service provider who ticked all of their boxes. As a school for young children, it was very important to them that the janitorial services were of the highest quality, and they also needed to know that they could trust their service provider to be efficient and responsive.


OpenWorks’ Consistent CommunicationWhen Eyas Global Montessori teamed up with OpenWorks, they noticed that they received open communication from both the corporate office and the staff that serviced their facility. They also liked that they got to meet their crew in person, and that OpenWorks resolved any issues as and when they happened.


The Highest QualityEyas Global Montessori appreciated OpenWorks’ email quality assurance acknowledgements, which they said helped keep our service at a high quality. The fact that we also provided a manual with communication logs was a real asset to them, as it was a simple and efficient way for Eyas Global to maintain open channels of communication. They value OpenWorks’ affordability, punctuality, consistency and high quality, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending us to a business associate or friend.

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