Green Cleaning for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and everyone at OpenWorks is getting ready to do some good for our planet. But the thing is, at OpenWorks, we don’t need a special day to care about the earth — because we treat every day like it’s Earth Day!

As a company, we are environmentally conscious in everything we do, offering green cleaning solutions to facilities all over the U.S.OpenWorks helps businesses keep the water clean by requiring all franchisees to use specific cleaning products that are safer for the environment.

In addition, OpenWorks franchise owners never use chemicals on outdoor maintenance projects, including power washing and landscaping. Not only does this keep harmful chemicals out of the water supply, but it also helps the companies that do business with us easily comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Act.When we do use chemicals to clean, we make sure they cause little environmental impact.

We only use Green Seal certified bio-based chemicals and other products with environmentally friendly profiles to have as little impact as possible on our beautiful planet.

OpenWorks also makes sure to use only low environmental impact cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners certified Green Label by the Carpet and Rug Institute, microfiber technology, and carpet cleaning and hard floor equipment designed to minimize water and chemical usage, while at the same time reducing emissions.

We then take it a step further and provide our clients with support for their recycling programs to help keep as much waste out of landfills as possible. We promote source reduction from paper products and trash liners, as well as emphasize the use of products that meet the EPA’s guidelines for post-consumer recycled content.As we celebrate Earth Day this April, let’s all take some time to remember that every day is Earth Day.

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