HonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department

“As a supervisor, I have been very pleased with the work I have seen done.”- Sara ,HonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department

HonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department is a free-standing emergency center located in Phoenix, Arizona. The facility offers 24-hour a day care, seven days a week, as well as state-of-the-art medical imaging.


Matching SchedulesHonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department was searching for a service provider that could meet their needs, as well as fit into their desired schedule. They wanted a hard-working crew to be a part of their team, and keep it as fuss-free as possible.


Finding the Right TeamThe HonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department is thrilled with their OpenWorks crew, and particularly happy with the work that one of our team members, Norma, does for their facility. The team at HonorHealth said that she always does an amazing job and works incredibly hard.


A Perfect FitBy matching HonorHealth and our OpenWorks crew member, Norma, we were able to find a member of staff who complemented HonorHealth’s desired facility management schedule, as well as exceed their standards. HonorHealth relayed that, as the night housekeeper, Norma always ensures that the facility looks beautiful, and as a result, she is much more than a service provider – she is a great asset to their team! HonorHealth Sonoran Emergency Department said they would be happy to recommend our services to a business associate or friend.

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