How to Never Stop Growing

Matisa Ullrich built herself a lucrative cleaning business but took it as far as she could. On her own, she could grow no further. Although Ullrich’s Cleaning had a proper website, eye-catching branding, and even a very large client, she was stuck.

Her side-hustle job of cleaning had grown into her full-time business. After landing a huge contract with a large nonprofit (that had an even larger building that required cleaning), she found herself wanting more.

Matisa tried to grow her business on her own, using her own resources. She purchased lists and spent thousands of dollars on marketing, but with limited results. Ullrich’s Cleaning was stuck.

In the meantime, commercial cleaning franchisor, OpenWorks contacted her about cleaning subcontractor work on the East Coast. She didn’t realize it at the time, but the name, OpenWorks would soon become very important to her.

OpenWorks has commercial clients including offices, medical clinics, distribution centers and schools across the nation. The company provides a variety of facility services including cleaning, landscaping, snow removal, HVAC repair, and more.

OpenWorks relies on a network of franchise and subcontractor service providers to perform work for customers. And OpenWorks relies on them to maintain customer quality and service levels.

It can often be advantageous for subcontractors to align with OpenWorks more formally under a franchise agreement. Franchisees receive back office support and prioritized growth support.

Matisa realized that her business needed that additional support if it was to grow. She had a million-dollar revenue goal to meet by the end of the year and was determined to achieve it.

She ultimately decided to take the plunge and converted her business into a franchise. Because of her time in the Marine Corps, Matisa was also eligible for a US Veterans discount incentive.

After Ullrich’s Cleaning became a part of the OpenWorks franchise family, there was no stopping her entrepreneurial heart. Nothing would get in her way.

Matisa says that with training, the backup of a regional director, and organizational support, she realized that she no longer had to grow on her own. She could now focus on her operation, while OpenWorks provided new business. So, from that first subcontractor inquiry to becoming a million-dollar OpenWorks franchise, Matisa now has all the resources she needs.  

Learn more about Matisa and her journey here.

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