“[OpenWorks] is dependable and often goes above and beyond what is expected”.- Cheryl,Purchasing/Bookkeeping

IntelliSchool is an AdvancED accredited public charter high school based in the Phoenix Metro area, and one of the oldest public charter schools in the Phoenix Valley.


Find a Dependable Service ProviderWhen IntelliSchool’s previous service provider moved out of state, they found themselves searching for a new service provider that they could rely on to meet their needs, and fill the shoes of who came before them. They wanted a responsive team who would be able to make any adjustments should they request them.


Sourcing the Right TeamIntelliSchool was incredibly glad they teamed up with OpenWorks to manage their facility needs. They felt that any problems they had were listened to, and that practices were immediately corrected to suit their requirements. IntelliSchool found that OpenWorks is true to their word, and a reliable service provider.


A Service Provider that goes Above and BeyondDespite IntelliSchool being happy with their previous service provider, they really appreciated that OpenWorks was able to integrate their facility’s needs into one easy and convenient package. The fact that our team also does their carpet cleaning goes a long way, as it means that IntelliSchool doesn’t have to give out keys to various people from different service providers, and that they also don’t need to divulge their security code to as many people. IntelliSchool said they would gladly recommend us to a business associate or friend, as we are so highly dependable.

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