John Knox Presbyterian Church

“I appreciate the fact that there is follow-up by management.”- Hollie, Operations Director

John Knox Presbyterian Church is based in Seattle, Washington. Built in 1954, the congregation has been creating a warm sense of family ever since, and works to provide educational opportunities for children, youth and adults.


Find a Service Provider Equal to the TaskPrior to bringing OpenWorks on board, John Knox Presbyterian Church engaged in-house staff for their facility needs. When they decided to outsource their service provider, they knew that they needed to find the right fit for their facility and its needs.


Choosing OpenWorksJohn Knox Presbyterian interviewed many companies before deciding that OpenWorks was the best fit for them. In fact, they said that out of all the potential service providers they spoke to, OpenWorks was the best!


Strong Attention to DetailJohn Knox Presbyterian Church said that they found OpenWorks very responsive – they mentioned that if they had a concern, or if they ran out of supplies, our team was quick to respond and resolve the problem at hand. They also said that they value OpenWorks’ attention to detail, and the fact that there is follow-up by management and monthly walk-throughs of the facility makes them feel at ease. John Knox Presbyterian wouldn’t hesitate to recommend OpenWorks to a friend or business associate.

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