“I value the honesty of the employees and their integrity”- Marty,Admin

Ladlow’s is a fine furniture store which represents many of the industry’s top suppliers. Their main showroom is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.


A Loyal ProviderLadlow’s has been using OpenWorks for the past 25 years and, as such, has established a long-standing relationship with us. Our partnership with them has been so strong that they can’t even remember their previous service provider!


Forging a Strong RelationshipLadlow’s has found that whatever janitorial problem they have had over the years, our crew would complete the necessary research and work hard to resolve the problem. This problem-solving attitude has instilled confidence in Ladlow’s that they can maintain an impressive and clean space for their customers to enjoy with minimal effort on their part.


A Partnership that LastsLadlow’s really values the honesty and integrity of our employees, and they trust that our crew can clean their facility when the store is open and be respectful to their clients. They relayed that they have recommended OpenWorks numerous times over the years when new customers have called asking for their opinion. They can’t say nice enough things about our crew, and have complete confidence that we would make any customer just as happy as we make Ladlow’s.

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