Lineage Logistics

“[There is] continual checking in for consistency”- Rhonda, Operations Supervisor

Lineage Logistics is a warehousing and logistics company built to deliver sophisticated, customized and dependable cold chain solutions. One of the largest facility networks in the U.S., Lineage is proud of its growing reach across the country.


Find a Consistent and Communicative Service ProviderThe team at Lineage Logistics, LLC were looking for a service provider that were honest and straightforward in their communication, and consistent in their quality of service. They also wanted the peace of mind that came with knowing their facility was being taken care of.


Finding OpenWorks!After bringing OpenWorks onto their team, Lineage Logistics found that we were diligent in our follow-ups with them. They said that there was continual checking in to ensure that their team were performing consistently, and that all their needs were being met.


A Consistently Clean FacilityLineage Logistics certainly found peace of mind after bringing OpenWorks on board. As well as our customer service and dedication to servicing their facility’s needs, they found that OpenWorks was an honest and communicative company. They appreciated the cleanliness of their environment, as well as the consistent high level of service. Lineage said that upon arriving at the facility, they would know that it was clean, something they weren’t always confident with when it came to their previous service provider. Lineage Logistics said they would absolutely recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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