Main Street Renewal

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December 15, 2017
Customer Success Stories
“Having multiple facilities across the country and being able to talk to one person… is one less thing to worry about.”- Ryan,Branch Facilities Manager

Main Street Renewal is a company focused on buying, renovating and leasing properties across the country. Based in Austin, Texas, they have branches in 19 cities across the country with more to come.


Find a Service Provider with Consistent Service StandardsMain Street Renewal has facilities across the country, so it was hugely important for them to have a quality baseline across all regions. They didn’t want to have any unpleasant surprises whenever their entered their facilities, and wanted the same level of service across the board.


Partnering with OpenWorks!Main Street Renewal relayed that prior to partnering with OpenWorks they had multiple service contracts throughout the states as many providers were not able to accommodate regions outside of their own. With OpenWorks, they have one point of contact and only have to make one call if there are any questions or concerns, which allows them to be more efficient with their time.


Delivered ResultsMain Street Renewal truly values the level of accountability and high service standards they get with OpenWorks. They said that when they call, we pick up the phone and deliver results. They wouldn’t hesitate in recommending our services to a business associate or friend.

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