Mastering the Art of Vetting the Perfect Candidates for the Job

Hiring the perfect person for any job has never been more difficult. Employers receive a vast number of applications for each job advertised and it takes a lot of time and effort to sift through and narrow it down.If you need to hire the best people for your cleaning crew, you may be wondering how to put together a vetting process. Take a look at some of these great tips to ensure you get the right people on your team.

Always Check References

Many employers make the mistake of coming across a candidate they like and forgetting to check their references. Unfortunately, they may look like the perfect member for your cleaning business on paper but that could be because they've faked their references.You don't know if a person has really worked in their logged previous jobs until you contact previous employers and ask for a reference. Most importantly, previous employers may be able to warn you of any reasons why you might not want to hire a candidate.Most companies will only provide a general reference but it's still worth checking before an offer of employment is made.

Read Through Applications

You'll probably be able to narrow down applications with a quick glance. However, once you have a handful of applications that appeal to you, it's important to go through them with a fine-tooth comb.There may be things you spot that don't add up. For example, it's unlikely for anyone to leave one job and walk straight into the next time after time. Most people have a gap in employment somewhere that should be declared on the application.You may also suspect that someone is over-exaggerating their skills for the purpose of the application. These things may deter you from offering an interview or you may want to clarify with specific questions during an interview.

Look at Social Media

Although social media should never be the main reason you hire or turn away a candidate, viewing profiles is widely accepted in the vetting process. You may see things on a potential employee's profile that indicates he/she isn't a good fit for the job.Viewing someone's profile can often give you an indication as to what their character is like and whether they've lied on their application. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram and especially LinkedIn are all great ways to view a candidate's true colors.

Proof of Qualifications

Believe it or not, many candidates lie about their qualifications on applications. It may be as small as putting the wrong grade down or as big as lying about having a particular license they need to work.Checking someone's credentials or qualifications is one of the most important parts of vetting a candidate. For instance, someone may lie about having an up to date first aid qualification in order to get paid more.If the candidate can't present you with a qualification or document that's proof of the qualification, you'll need to contact the institution that the candidate studied at. Most schools or colleges can provide you with evidence quickly and easily.If it turns out the candidate lied about the qualifications, don't take any risks. Hire someone with the proper credentials or you could be in the exact same position a few months down the road.

Proof of Identity

Your candidates will have to provide at least one form of identity before you can go forward with their employment. For example, they may provide their passport or driver's license.They'll also need to provide proof of their address. This can be in the form of a bill or bank statement. If anyone has difficulty in providing this type of proof, it should raise alarm bells.It could mean that the person isn't who they say they are. It could also mean they have a criminal record that they don't want you finding out about.

Prepare Your Interview Questions

It's easier to find the perfect employee if you have your interview questions already prepared. The last thing you want is to be stuck for questions during an interview.Make a note of questions that will allow your candidates to reveal more about themselves. Ask them about their long-term goals so you can determine whether they're likely to stay in the job for long.You can also ask them questions about your company. It's a good way to find out whether they've done their research for the job and how serious they are about working for you.

Consider a Trial Period

Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether a candidate is a good fit until you've seen them at work and integrating with your existing team. A good way to do this is to offer a candidate a trial period.Some companies offer as little as 7 days and other companies for as long as 3 months. Decide on a time period that suits you and make sure to put the terms of the trial period down in writing for the candidate.If a candidate is serious about the job, there should be no reason why he/she would have an issue with it. It's a great opportunity to prove themselves and show their enthusiasm for the work.

Hiring Your Perfect Cleaning Crew

Hiring the right cleaning crew can be the difference between a happy customer or customer that never uses your services again. Vetting your potential employees is the best way to ensure you build an unbeatable team.Take a look at some more tips for finding the perfect employee for the job and keeping them.

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