McCarthy Cook & Co.

“Their staff is very easy to work with, and they are very concerned with our satisfaction.”- Cathy,Assistant Property Manager

McCarthy Cook & Co. is an investment service and property management company with offices in California and Arizona.


A Responsive TeamMcCarthy Cook & Co. wanted to find an efficient and communicative service provider to meet their needs. As a property management company, it was important to them that whoever they partnered up with could take care of an entire building and keep their tenants happy.


Teaming up with OpenWorksWhen McCarthy Cook started working with OpenWorks, they found a courteous and responsive team. They particularly liked the managers they were working with, and added that they were an asset to the property. They appreciated that our team would stop by to touch base and keep them up to speed on the work of the building’s crew. Overall, McCarthy Cook found that they had a very conscientious janitorial team.


A Valuable Service ProviderMcCarthy Cook values OpenWorks’ reliability, and likes knowing that someone will always respond to any inquiry or concern, as well as work hard to address the needs of their tenants. They relayed that we are as meticulous in our customer service as we are in our janitorial services. They appreciate that their team is always available when needed and willing to go the many extra steps that their property and tenants require. Based on their experience with us they would gladly recommend us.

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