McCoy Global

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November 3, 2017
Customer Success Stories
“I can already feel a difference”.- Kim, Office Admin

McCoy Global builds complete drilling equipment lines for oilfield contractors, drilling contractors, and rig manufacturers around the world. The company operates internationally through direct sales and distributors, with operations in Canada, the United States, and across the globe.


A Service Provider Who CaresMcCoy Global was looking for a service provider who was sincere and open in their communications. They didn’t want to a provider that just talked the talk, or a company that was just looking to make a sale. They were looking for a team that could become part of their family, and work towards the same goals.


Using OpenWorksMcCoy Global found that OpenWorks was always friendly, and never pushy. They relayed that our interactions were professional and genuine in how we strived to understand their needs, and the needs of their facility.


A Successful PartnershipMcCoy Global said that they find the team at OpenWorks to be genuinely caring and service-oriented. They said that their team always works to gain a complete understanding of their expectations, and then deliver. McCoy Global relayed that they found their OpenWorks team to be open, honest and friendly. They added that after a month of service, they can already feel a difference in their facility. McCoy Global are thrilled with the addition to their family, and are looking forward to a successful partnership.

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