Why Price Shouldn’t Be the Ultimate Factor When Choosing a Commercial Cleaning and Facility Services Company

When deciding on which commercial cleaning and facility services company to choose for your facility, price can be a big determinant for you. After all, you have to maintain your facility as cost-effectively as possible, while still receiving the services you need. Some commercial cleaning companies may appear to be a great deal, but if you only consider price when making your decision, you may get more trouble than you bargained for. Here are some other things, besides price, that you should consider when choosing a company to clean and maintain your facility: Quality of ServiceYou've heard the expression, "You get what you pay for." Well, when it comes to your commercial cleaning and facility services company, it's true! Those cleaning companies with too-good-to-be-true prices will leave you unsatisfied with the results. You want a company that you can trust to get the job done right, one that listens to your needs and works with you to find the best plan for your facility. When you choose OpenWorks, you're choosing quality service and a job well done, every time. ConvenienceYou should never choose a commercial cleaning and facility services company without first knowing everything they offer. If the company you're looking at is listing significantly lower prices than the competition, it could be because they don't offer as many services. When a company only offers a few services, you're going to have to look elsewhere for the rest. And that means more time researching companies, scheduling service times and handling payments. Instead, consider making your job easier by having just one company take care of all your commercial cleaning and facility services.OpenWorks provides vendor consolidation, providing you with just one invoice rather than having to manage multiple companies. We handle more than just cleaning — our services range from janitorial to landscaping to HVAC maintenance, and everything in between. We handle integrated facility services for multi-site facilities nationwide, saving our customers time and money. Saves Money Over TimeGoing with the cheaper commercial cleaning and facility services provider may initially seem like the best way to save money. But it may not be the most economical choice long-term. OpenWorks not only maintains, but improves facility systems to work better and more efficiently for your business, as well as the environment. Our philosophy of providing customers with a cleaner, safer and healthier environment means you'll end up with a more productive workplace. It's been proven that happy employees are 12 percent more productive, and productive employees improve your bottom line.Don't keep switching commercial cleaning and facility services providers due to poor service. Make sure you do the research BEFORE deciding on a provider, taking the time to consider other factors besides just price. Contact OpenWorks to learn more about how we can help your facility thrive.[gravityform id="25" title="false" description="false"]

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