Seattle First Baptist Success Story

Seattle First Baptist
“I was in a crisis and OpenWorks went WAY, WAY beyond what anyone could expect and saved me professional and personal face. They are amazing!” - Director of Choral Music, Seattle First Baptist

Seattle First Baptist is a church community that is affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA. Founded in 1869, they value traditional historic Baptist principles, their communal times of worship, music and education together.

The Director of Choral Music at Seattle First Baptist expressed gratitude toward OpenWorks for coming to her rescue and going way beyond what was expected of them. “I was in a crisis and they went WAY, WAY beyond what anyone could expect and saved me professional and personal face. They are amazing!”


She accidentally recycled the only hand-written arrangement of a spiritual her choir was to sing during Sunday’s service. After searching through several bags in the recycling and garbage she was unable to find the choral arrangement. “This was a special arrangement which was LOANED to me by a cast member of Porgy and Bess at the Fifth Avenue from his personal folder. It was the only copy he had and he has been performing it around the United States while on tour.”


The Director of Choral Music wrote a note to OpenWorks’ franchisees that clean the church, asking if they knew which bags the recycling from the night before might be in and told them she would go through any possible bags to look for her music arrangement. The next morning when she arrived to her office there was a neat pile of music collected from recycled baskets with the arrangement she was missing in the pile. “I feel SO grateful,” she stated. “They did so much more than anyone could have imagined. We will sing a beautiful song on Sunday because of them.”

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