Sherwood Management Co., Inc.

“A very professional, courteous and prompt staff.”- Dean,Financial Project Assistant

Sherwood Management Co., Inc., is a collection agency based in Culver City, California.


Great Customer ServiceSherwood Management Co., Inc., wanted to find a service provider with excellent customer service skills and the ability to get the job done to a high standard. Finding a team who could provide both was proving to be a challenge, and Sherwood needed a space they could be proud of. They found that their previous service provider was simply going through the motions of completing the job, and didn’t care enough about the quality of the work they were doing.


Finding the Right ProviderOnce Sherwood Management teamed up with OpenWorks, they noticed an immediate improvement. They were pleased with the fact that each account has a dedicated manager, giving them confidence in the fact that the job would get done. Sherwood particularly liked the hard work of their janitorial crew and their spotless results. They relayed that the crew worked to ensure that they are happy and satisfied with their service.


Results You Can SeeInstead of working with a crew that was just going through the motions, Sherwood Management Co., Inc., was now working with a team that completed the job every day to their satisfaction. Where their previous service provider had trouble adapting to their environment, the OpenWorks crew managed to adapt to the client’s brief within days. Sherwood Management were thrilled with our service, and would wholeheartedly recommend us to business associates or friends.

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