SSA Marine

“They’ve become my partners in realizing [our] goals – world class facilities”- Ryan, Facility Manager

With marine terminal and train yard operations in more than 250 strategic locations around the world, SSA Marine is a true leader in their field. Continually striving to improve and expand, SSA Marine continues to develop new marine, rail and ancillary services.


Finding a Service Provider Who Takes Pride in a Job Well DoneSSA Marine found that their previous custodial provider wasn’t cleaning their facilities to meet their standards, and didn’t seem to take any pride in doing a good job. In searching for a new service provider, it was important to SSA Marine that they teamed up with a dedicated company who would work towards a job well done.


Partnering Up with OpenWorksSSA Marine let OpenWorks know what their standards were, and they’ve said that since then we have become their partners in realizing their goals of maintaining world class facilities. They recognized that obtaining the results they were looking for takes time and commitment, and SSA Marine feels that OpenWorks has bought into their vision by actualizing these results.


World Class StandardsSSA Marine has been impressed by OpenWorks’ interest in doing whatever is necessary to not only get the job done, but get it done well. They said that their team is always willing to meet their high standards. As a result, SSA Marine always feels comfortable mentioning things that could use improvement, knowing that their OpenWorks team will take it constructively. This is something that SSA Marine feels is vital for their continual improvement. They feel fortunate to have OpenWorks as their crew, and look forward to partnering with us for years to come.

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