Top Tips to Transition Your Business From Winter to Spring

It’s not called ‘spring cleaning’ for nothing – doing a thorough, and more specific clean of your work place every season is important to ensure that you’re catching all of those pesky issues that crop up as the weather changes.

Work places tend to accumulate a high volume of dirt and dust during the winter season; consider all the muddy footprints that have tracked residue into your facility, or how grimy your windows will be after a season of rain and snow. For any commercial property, properly transitioning your business from winter to spring is a must.

Here are the top five items you should pay attention to when you undergo a spring clean at work:

High Dusting

I.e., those hard to reach places that you don’t usually get around to. These include air vents (that will have been blowing hot air all winter,) the tops of doors, lights, and wall corners. Remember that you’re likely going to have to prepare for your employees suffering from allergies as you move closer to spring, so the more you can do to alleviate any irritants in advance will benefit you immensely.

Carpet Extraction

Employees track in all sorts of dirt and residue from outside on a daily basis, but this is particularly exacerbated during winter. After a season of muddy, wet and snowy footprints, your carpets will definitely need some attention. A carpet extraction will work to lift any dirt and stains from the carpet provides a deeper clean than traditional carpet cleaning or vacuuming.

Window Cleaning

Your facility’s windows have likely been pelted all winter long with rain, hail and snow. To get them ready for spring, schedule a window cleaning. This will ensure they are clean and clear, and a cloudy film won’t show when the sun arrives and shines through your windows.

Pressure Washing

Using hot or cold water, pressure washing your sidewalks is a great way to get rid of the lingering snow and debris after the winter season. You might not think that taking care of your sidewalks will make that much of a difference to the appearance of your facility, but it’s surprising how big of an impact pressure washing can have.


Before spring fully arrives, it’s a good idea to make sure that your furniture has been thoroughly cleaned. Not only will it help eliminate stains and get rid of dirt, it will extend the life of your furniture. Scheduling annual cleanings for upholstery is a good investment and will save you having to replace pieces as often.

For more information on OpenWorks and what we can do to help your facility transition from winter to spring, visit our website here.

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