The University Business Center

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December 1, 2017
Customer Success Stories
“Highly recommend. Professional and reliable service”.- Teresa, Operations Manager

Based in Seattle, Washington, The University Business Center houses a variety of different firms and practices, from lawyers and doctors to software engineers and therapists.


Prevent Security Issues at their FacilityThe University Business Center wanted to find a service provider that they could trust with the cleanliness of their facility. Additionally, after having had security issues with their previous providers, it was of the utmost importance that the businesses they cater to felt safe and secure in their facility, and that similar issues would not happen again.


Hiring OpenWorksAfter bringing OpenWorks on board, The University Business Center began to feel confident about the team that they had in place. The security of their facility and its various businesses was a primary concern, and they relayed that since hiring OpenWorks, they no longer have any security issues.


A Professional, Reliable ServiceThe University Business Center relayed that they really value the professionalism of their team – they particularly mentioned that they found OpenWorks’ services as a whole to be very professional, and that they found their team very reliable. It is for this consistency that The University Business Center would highly recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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