Victory Medical Center

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April 20, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“We can tell time was actually taken to ensure the office was thoroughly cleaned.”- Aneesa,Office Manager

Victory Medical Center is a full-spectrum medical practice with locations across Texas. Established in 1996, the practice offers convenient care to residents of its community.


Find a Service Provider with Excellent Communication SkillsVictory Medical Center was looking for a service provider with excellent communication skills. For them, it was important that they were able to communicate any issues they had or any extra cleaning they needed completed.


Bringing OpenWorks On BoardAfter bringing OpenWorks on board, Victory Medical Center noticed an improvement in their janitorial services right away. They relayed that they can actually tell the office has been cleaned, and not just walked through. They can see that time was taken to ensure the office was thoroughly cleaned.


Results You Can SeeAs well as being able to visibly see the results, Victory Medical Center is impressed with OpenWorks’s communication skills. They appreciate the binder of information that they were provided by their team, which allows them to easily communicate with us. They also value the email check-ins from their OpenWorks representatives to ensure that there are no issues and that they are happy with their service. Victory Medical Center said they would definitely recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend, as we go above and beyond to provide the best quality care.

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