Wilmington Community Clinic

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February 16, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“When there is a problem they are quick to get it resolved.”- Carol,HR Specialist

Wilmington Community Clinic services patients from in and around Wilmington and Los Angeles, California. Established in the community to provide health services to everyone who needs them, the clinic offers a variety of primary and preventative health care services.


Find a Dedicated Service ProviderGiven the nature of the work performed at their facility, the staff at Wilmington Community Clinic needed a service provider that was thorough as well as efficient. The key issue for them was to find a provider who would take care of the areas that were continuously looked over during cleaning with their current service provider.


Calling OpenWorksAfter teaming up with OpenWorks, Wilmington Community Clinic noticed a big change in the cleanliness of their facility. They said that the areas that had been missed with their previous service provider were now being taken care of.


An Efficient TeamWilmington Community Clinic relayed that they find OpenWorks to be efficient, and said that we get the job done. They also said that in the event there is a problem, we are quick to get to get it resolved. They relayed that they value the hard work and dedication their OpenWorks team puts into their facility, and they would be happy to recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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