David Lopez


Name: David LopezHow long have you been a franchisee? January 31, 2002 – 11 yearsWhy did you decide to purchase a commercial cleaning franchise? First of all, we started our business as carpet and floor care. We spoke to a former OW franchisee who explained that in order be successful you needed a brand name behind you – introduced OpenWorks.What has been your biggest success? When you get your first “big” account – for me, YMCA Scottsdale. The circumstances behind the account are why this is my biggest success. This was a troubled account. We were given two weeks to fix the deficiencies or the account would be terminated. All was fixed and we retained the contract. Because of this turn around, we (OpenWorks) were able to get more YMCA’s throughout the Valley.What was your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it? Biggest Challenge? The Culinary Institute was a big challenge because of the high standards set by the client. The restaurant industry is difficult. I had a kitchen background from managing restaurants so I was able to use that towards satisfying this particular client.What are you most looking forward to in their franchise business? Looking forward to growth; Improve service – looking to improve to help OpenWorks grow as a whole.What advice do you have for new franchise owners? Take the advice of the OW support team. Get to know the business. Continue education (Waxie classes). Keep up to date on techniques and chemicals. Business is going well, we have our ups and downs but don’t get discouraged. Try to do your best.Regional Operations Director’s Observations: “He’s a good guy. David is a very conscientious, hard working franchise owner. His attention to detail, work ethic and technical expertise has made him a valuable asset to his customers and OpenWorks”.

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