East Chauncey Holdings

“My team is trustworthy and really knows my property”.- Christine JubyEast Chauncey Holdings

East Chauncey Holdings operates in the commercial real estate industry and is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona.


Finding FlexibilityWith their previous service provider, East Chauncey Holdings struggled to find a flexible and reliable partner to help them with their commercial cleaning and facility servicing needs. They found that they needed to establish a partnership with a company who could quickly respond to their needs and become well acquainted with their property. They were also dissatisfied with their carpet cleaning, and required a crew who could ensure this was up to scratch.


Sourcing an Effective and Responsive TeamIn OpenWorks, we found a team that is responsive and timely in their communications with us. They are always quick and efficient in getting back to us. Additionally, the cleanliness of our carpet has seen a vast improvement since retaining OpenWorks’ services.


A Long-Lasting RelationshipOpenWorks is a vendor that I have used consistently over the last four years. Most of our previous vendors have been replaced due to a poor level of service and increasing prices, which were often changed without any communication or notification. This is not the case with OpenWorks. They are incredibly flexible in changing times and dates of work hours to meet the needs of our schedule, even if they are last-minute requests. The trustworthiness of the team and their knowledge of our property goes a long way. I would certainly recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend.

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