Solid Systems Help Contractors Grow

For the most part, the services today’s commercial cleaning companies provide are in high demand. Why? First, more businesses are fully open, getting back to pre-pandemic levels.

Secondly, business owners are generally all-in to keep their workplaces and consumer-facing areas super clean and sanitized. But they’re not doing it all themselves.

Instead, they’re paying professional commercial cleaning companies to perform deep cleaning and sanitizing services. And that’s good news for cleaning company owners, and especially the ones who have solid systems in place to help them achieve maximum efficiency and profits.

And that’s what this post is about.

Solid Systems Work

The most successful businesses in the world have solid systems in place that help:

· Monitor inventory.

· Manage budgets and expenses.

· Automate employee scheduling.

· Perform payroll administration.

· Assist with business development.

And more.

Of course, the ultimate system-based business is the franchise business. And it’s precisely what Ray Kroc saw in San Bernadino, California, in 1954.

From my book, “Become A Franchise Owner!”:

“What he observed there was an assembly line-like system being used in – of all places -a restaurant! The McDonald brothers appeared to have this procedure of theirs down to a science.
Ray had an epiphany after seeing this amazing restaurant operation first-hand: he envisioned these restaurants being built all over the country. As it happened, the McDonald brothers happened to be looking for a ‘franchising agent,’ to sell franchises across the country — and as someone who’d been a salesman for the past 30 years, Ray Kroc was just the guy for the job.”

My point?

McDonald’s wouldn’t be what it is today without a solid business system and either would the other 4,000 or so different franchise concepts currently in operation. Why does this matter?

Because hundreds, if not thousands, of independent commercial cleaning companies, now have an opportunity to benefit from those same business systems. Keep reading.

Why Independent Commercial Cleaning Companies Should Consider Converting to Franchise Businesses

Besides proven, solid business systems, franchise businesses bring a lot of other fantastic attributes to the table. In fact, this current economic state gives you the perfect opportunity to partner with a franchise.

And if you’re wondering how your business will benefit by converting to an OpenWorks franchise, here are a few things you’ll be able to capitalize on immediately.

1. Increased visibility and reach.

Your business will carry the OpenWorks name, a solid brand name in the commercial cleaning space, behind it. That alone can open doors to companies you have yet to have a real opportunity to provide services to.

2. Franchise owner support.

Translation: you’re not alone anymore. You’ll have a partner that will support and guide you through the trials and tribulations of independent business ownership.

3. Increased revenue potential.

If increasing your revenue and profits are at the top of your list, partnering with OpenWorks (as a franchisee) gives you access to a Franchise Development Manager. Her job is to secure new accounts—new paying customers for you to service. And that equals more revenue. How does that sound?

4. Access to technology.

Like other industries, the technology used in the commercial cleaning industry is constantly changing. And the team at OpenWorks has got you covered, as they’re continually monitoring, sharing, and sometimes even implementing some of the latest industry trends that will help you grow your franchise business.

5. Ongoing training.

It’s one thing to learn about the latest technology and commercial cleaning trends, and it’s quite another to utilize them in the best ways possible. That’s where OpenWorks ongoing training programs come in. In a nutshell, partnering with OpenWorks gives you access to cutting-edge training designed to help your business be more efficient and profitable. After all, successful entrepreneurs are always learning.

And more!

Have You Reached Your Goals As An Independent Commercial Cleaner?

As an independent commercial cleaner, there’s only so much you can do to grow your business. Good thing there’s another way.

If you want to significantly improve your chances of reaching your financial goals, consider becoming an OpenWorks Partner, like Matisa Ullrich did.

Matisa, who used to be an independent commercial cleaner, says that with the training she gets, the backup of a regional director, and the terrific organizational support, she no longer has to grow on her own.

Now she focuses on her operation, while OpenWorks helps her get new business and provides the support she needs as her cleaning franchise business continues to expand.

Wrapping up, if that sounds like something you’d like to do, ask us how you can become an OW Partner.

You won’t believe how affordable it is.

This article was written by The Franchise King®, Joel Libava. He’s a 20+ year industry veteran, the author of two helpful books on how to buy and research franchises, and a Franchise Ownership Advisor.

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